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Warranty and after-sales


Each piece of THIALH jewellery is made of precious materials, and here you can find expert advice on how to maintain them.
THIALH jewellery experts will meticulously provide warranty and after-sales service. We invite you to visit THIALH boutiques to learn about THIALH personalized services.


 - Engraving service (free)

Each piece of THIALH jewellery is unique and brings a memory that is exclusive to you. THIALH can provide engraving services for your jewellery, making this memory even more distinctive.



- Size adjustment

To ensure a comfortable fit and wearing experience for each piece of jewellery, THIALH offers professional size adjustment services, including ring size adjustment, earring buckle adjustment, and fine processing of regulating the links. These services are not suitable for some works with unique designs. If you have questions, please contact our customer service centre.

This service is provided free of charge within one month from the date of purchase.

There will be charges for this service after one month of purchase. Please contact our customer service centre for relevant information.



- Work maintenance

To care for every piece of jewellery, THIALH will provide professional and complete maintenance services that ensure that every piece of work remains as endurable as ever. The maintenance services include repairing and replacing damaged and missing parts (such as gems, links, buckles, etc.).

For the specific cost of this service, please contact our customer service centre.



- Jewellery registration(China Region)

To register your jewellery, THIALH will provide all relevant information on jewellery guarantees and certificates, including a certificate of genuine gemstone. The extraordinary jewellery pieces will also have a special certificate of authenticity.